The Countess

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A vibrant bouquet with a royal air to it, The Countess offers the subtle enchantment of dried florals paired with bright bursts of color. Delicate bleached ruscus and pops of hot pink alongside the backdrop of wintry green willow eucalyptus make for a gorgeous, dried bouquet that will brighten but not overwhelm any space. With proper care and without the need for water, these stunning stems are made to last.

Note: Because of the natural and hand-dyed nature of these stems, the colors may vary slightly from the ones pictured. Additionally, this product is made with natural products and grasses, so those with allergies should be cautious when handling it.

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What's Included

Dried Cortaderia Pampas, Razor Ruscus, Preserved Eucalyptus Silver Dollar, Eucalyptus Willow Nicolii, Spiral Eucalyptus, Dried Eualia, and Dried Phalaris in a 3.75" x 8" White Vase

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The Dried Bouquet Collection
The Mother's Day Collection

Keeping your dried bouquet in pristine condition is fairly simple. Just follow these steps and enjoy your florals for months to come!

1) Keep indoors out of harsh environments and out of direct light.
2) Avoid rooms with high humidity.
3) Spray compressed air (the kind sold to clean electronics) onto dried flowers to eliminate dust. The spray comes out fast, so make sure the can is not too close to the flowers. You can also use a hair dryer on the "no heat" setting.
4) DO NOT WATER, these bouquets contain dried and preserved stems and will deteriorate with any moisture.


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