The Metropolitan

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 As the name suggests, this romantic bouquet was inspired by a city's sleek architecture and natural beauty. Designed with our charcoal vase, The Metropolitan truly shines with a stunning array of burgundy calla lilies, sprigs of snapdragons, and a plethora of roses.

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Scabious, Ranunculus, Carnations, Mini Calla Lilies, Snapdragon, Ranunculus, Limonium, Garden Rose, and Spray Roses

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The Spring Collection

1) Find a Vase - You may have noticed your flowers no longer have roots, and that they’re not in soil. Bet they’re thirsty! Time to put them in your favorite vase with some fresh water.

2) Trim Those Stems - Keep those stems trimmed! Always cut your flowers at an angle so they can absorb more water & won’t suffocate on the bottom of the vase. After the initial cut, check the bottoms of your stems every couple of days, and if the ends are looking a bit slimy, just snip off an inch or so.

3) Remove Leaves - Take off any excess leaves so that all the water is funneled into the petals. Pay special attention to leaves below the water line because they’ll decompose, causing rot and bacteria to grow, which will shorten the lifespan of your blooms.

4) Mist Them - Flowers like to be misted (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). Lightly spray down the petals from time to time to keep your stems looking fresh, and remove any buds that are clearly past their prime.

5) Keep Them Cool - Last but not least, keep your flowers in a cool area. Don’t put them near radiators, computers, televisions, fireplaces, ovens… you get the idea.

Picasso Mini Calla Lilies: Add an artist’s touch with these Picasso Mini Calla Lilies. Their trumpet shaped bloom starts white and blends down to a dark purple center adding strokes of color to the Metropolitan.

Kahala Roses: The Kahala Rose has one of the most unique color combinations since it can be highlighted by the other colors in the bouquet and that’s why our designers love it! Buy mixing with other colors, they play up its pink-peach and champagne petals.

Versilia Roses: A beautifully large peach rose, the Versilia balances the dark Ranunculus with its pale peach outer petals and delicate peach interior.

Ranunculus: These velvety dark purple Ranunculus are the showstoppers in this already stunning bouquet. While they might arrive tight, this blooms will open up to show their many papery petals. If they start to bend or slightly droop, trim them down and put them in a small bud vase to enjoy on their own.

Scabiosa: These scabiosa are featured in their non-dried form, are another bloom that we love for their texture, movement and for their dark purple color. Let them bend and stretch to have your bouquet reach new heights.

Hypnosis Carnations: Carnations come in nearly every color combination you can think of, ad we loved combining peach carnations with the purple and pink Hypnosis Carnations. Our designers love including carnations for pops of color and enhanced texture.

Snapdragon: The Snapdragon earned its name for its resemblance to a dragon’s face. If you squeeze the size of one of the larger blooms of this straight stem, it resembles a dragon’s mouth opening and closing. Like delphinium, blooms start from the base and go upwards.    

Butterfly Ranunculus: A newer variety of Ranunculus, the white Butterfly Ranunculus add a touch of whimsy to bouquets. The petal grows with a thin layer of wax that helps them have a longer vase life and adds a touch of sparkle. 

Majolika Spray Roses: The Majolika Spray Rose is known for its saturated ballet pink petals. A single stem can have many blooms that can be mixed in throughout a bouquet or placed together for a light pop of color.

Limonium: It’s easy to see why the Limonium with its perfectly purple color is nicknamed “Sea Lavender.” They add texture with their tiny blooms and if pulled out at different heights, can easily create movement in your bouquet.


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